Information for Campers and Parents

Thank you for your interest in our annual Camp being held at the Canobolas Scout Camp near Orange, in the Golden West Region. The following information is to help you prepare for your week and to make your arrival as easy as possible.

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Please do not bring lollies, sweets and snackfoods to this camp. We have many youth members with allergies to such products and therefore we ask that they be left at home.

It is Scouts Australia Policy to prohibit all Energy Drinks, Alcohol, Drugs and Cigarettes at Scout Camps regardless of where the camp is being held.

Your Kit for Camp

  • You will require your mess kit, in a draw string bag with a small carabiner, (containing: Plate, bowl, drinking cup, knife, fork, Spoon and at least 1 tea towel)
  • You will require your toiletries, soap, shampoo etc with a bath towel.
  • Sunscreen, appropriate shirts or polo tops, insect repellent,
  • A light coloured singlet, T-shirt or polo shirt for screen printing.
  • As we cannot control the weather, we do recommend you bring wet weather gear.
  • NO singlets are to be worn unless covered by other more appropriate clothing.
  • Thongs are encouraged to be worn for showers, all other times only fully enclosed footwear will be accepted.
  • If you are participating in water based activities such as rafting, you will need to bring water shoes and an extra towel.
  • If you have a camp blanket, it is a good idea to bring it with you.
  • You are asked to bring a drink bottle and day pack as some activities are away from the main camp area.
  • A hand held torch is also a very handy item to have whilst in camp.
  • You must bring your section passbook to record the activities and have them signed off. Venturers should have their signed V1’s.
  • Activities – Flying Fox, Raft Building, Bowling, and more
  • All medication must be handed into administration upon arrival and booking in.

What not to bring

  • Energy Drinks are banned from all Scouts Australia Camp Sites and activities
  • Alcohol, drugs, cigarettes
  • Lollies, sweets, chips and other junk food (these are great ant attractants and will make life under canvas very miserable indeed for all). The other problem is allergy related should any of these items be shared. Anaphylactic reactions do not make for an enjoyable camp.
  • Mobile Phones and other electronic devices.  Any such devices brought to camp will be the individuals responsibility to keep them safe and to be used responsibly. The camp organisers recommend these devices be left at home, however, if brought to camp the Leaders instructions for their use must be followed at all times. Any loss or damage of such items will be at the owners risk.
  • Dress Code. No short shorts and jeans that have been cut off to look like short shorts, singlet and low cut tops, nor any other “suggestive” clothing is to be worn at this camp. This protects both your children and the Adults.

Before Arrival

  • Please ensure all payments and information including medical, is correct, and up to date.
  • All youth are sleeping in tents, please ensure you have a suitable tent, some consolidation of youth may occur if larger tents are used. Scouts will be sleeping in their Patrols where possible.
  • Any medication must be clearly labelled, and placed in a clear Ziplock bag, with precisely written instructions on administrative requirements.
  • All items must be clearly labelled.
  • Please bring a coat hanger for your uniform and ensure your uniform is clearly labelled as they will be hung up after opening Parade and used during town visits and our formal Dinner.
  • Administration will be open from 1000 hrs for arrival and processing. This will enable all arrivals to have tents erected and bedding sorted prior to opening parade.

On Arrival

  • Please report to administration upon arriving at camp to receive your camp identification and hat, to confirm your attendance and your guide to your camp site.
  • You must hand medication to the Welfare Officer in the Administration office

After Opening Parade

  • You will be asked to change out of uniform, and place it on the coat hanger with your scarf and bring it to reception for storage to keep it clean prior to the starting of activities. This will keep the uniform clean and tidy ready for later use.

Leader in charge of the Camp for 2018:
Darren Smith 0488 012 836