Scouts Australia, NSW Branch
2019 Scout Year Fees and Charges Including Registration and Insurance

Youth applying to join the NSW Lones Scout Group will have either a once off Joining Fee (if new to Scouting) or a once off Transfer Fee if transferring from another Scout Group. The Joining Fee is a State or Branch administration fee, while the Transfer Fee is to cover the cost of the Group Scarf, badges and postage.
Once Off Joining Fee   $35.00   Payable to State on invoice prior to registration
Once Off  Scarf & Badges Fee $20.00   Payable to Group on invoice at time of transfer

Initial State Term Fee $42.00   Payable to State on invoice at time of transfer, effectively this will mean the youth member will be paid a term in advance for the State Fees. If the member transfers to another Group and the member is up to date with their finances, this fee will be refunded. 
Joining Summary – if you are transferring from one Group to NSW Lones, the initial cost will be $62.00 plus the normal Term Fee ($62.00 plus $65.00), ie $127.00. If you are new to Scouting, the fee will be $97.00 plus the Term Fee, ie $162.00. After the initial costs, the ongoing Term fee will be the normal $65.00 per term.
State Term/Quarterly Fee     $42.00   Payable in advance prior to the beginning of each quarter
Group Term/Quarterly Fee   $23.00   Payable in advance prior to the beginning of each quarter
Total Term/Quarterly Fee     $65.00  This includes the State and Group Fee above. The NSW Lones Scout Group uses an invoicing system and where possible invoices are dispatched early each quarter in advance, giving time to allow for payments to be made prior to the end of the current quarter. Thus all members would in theory be paid up in advance. We use the Internet and Emails as the main means of getting these invoices to you quickly.

All payments must be made by direct deposit or EFT to our Westpac Account as per the following:
NSW Lones Scout Group, 
Westpac Cowra Branch
BSB:  032 820   Account No: 255 427
Please ensure you use the complete Invoice number as the reference for any payments in order to ensure your payment is located quickly and credited to the correct account. Please email a copy of the deposit details to in order for us to credit the correct youth member’s account.
Thank you