Joining Lones

We suggest you contact the Group Leader to discuss your situation in the first instance. The Group Leader should be able to answer most of your questions prior to making a decision to join the New South Wales Lone Scout Group. You can find the Group Contacts here

Click here to be directed to the NSW Scouts JoinScouts Web Site containing information which will provide answers to the majority of questions you may have. This information is common to all Scout Groups, however, the Lone Scout Group operates in a different manner than most regular Groups and therefore we suggest any specific questions should be brought to the attention of the Group Leader.

Click here for the Youth Membership Application Form

Click here for the Adult Membership Application Form

Click here for Youth Transfer Form

Once you have made the decision to join and completed the On-Line Application Form from the ink above, the Group Leader or his/her representative will make contact with you and discuss the next step. The Youth Section Leader will also make contact and will work with you to determine the most appropriate level the youth member will start from and discuss the methods of program delivery.

Once the youth member has been in the  Group for 5 weeks or so, you will be asked if you would like to continue in Movement. If the answer is no, then no further action will be taken. If the answer is yes, then the Group Treasurer will issue an Invoice based upon the Joining Fees. Upon receipt of payment, the Group will send you an Investiture Kit which will contain the Group Scarf, relevant Badges and a Woggle to go with the scarf. Once you receive these items the Group Leader or Section Leader will contact you and set a time and date for the Investiture. The badges form part of the Uniform and will need to sewn on once you obtain the Shirt (details below where the Uniform can be obtained).

You may also receive two record/information books which are age specific. These form part of the recently updated Youth Program by Scouts Australia. We say you “may” receive these books because there are moves taking place at the present time that could negate the compulsory need for these, however, that will be a decision made made between yourselves and the Section Leader.

Uniform Items from: The NSW Scout Shop

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