Whilst we may not be the largest Scout Group, we cover a greater area than any other Group in NSW. Our members come from as far south as Victoria and north to the Arctic Circle in Norway.

As a Group, we only meet a few times a year formally and then may bump into each other at various times during the year at events run by other States, Regions and Groups. We are separated by great distances but we still manage to have a high degree of youth participation in events and activities held right across this State and in all Regions. It is because of this isolation that we find many of our youth members who want to achieve badges and have their minds set on certain goals will become more focused and motivated. We will use the Norway example to explain this:

A Scout from Australia moved to Norway with his family, well into the Arctic Circle and only a few kilometres from the Russian and Finland boarders. He wanted to complete his Australia Medallion and therefore made contact with us to see if we could assist. After many failed attempts to find a Scout Leader to assist us in Norway, we finally located a Norwegian Scout Leader who had a reasonable grasp of English and offered her assistance to act as our eyes and ears in their part of the world. Our Scout obviously had great support from his family and it was our job to find a way help him achieve is goal. We needed to re-write many of the rules, but with the NSW Branch Office’s assistance and our Norwegian Scout Leader, we formed a path for him to follow. The end result was that he did achieve his Green Cord and ultimately his ASM award.

Our main communication is by internet these days, and through our own web site we have means where we hold chat sessions, Troop Council meetings and so forth. Some of our members have very poor internet access and we are currently investigating other means such as Ventrilo and Mumble.

For Venturers we have organised with Peel Valley Venturers in Tamworth to act as a surrogate Unit for us in cases where we need approvals for V1’s quickly. This arrangement has also been approved by our Lones Venturer Unit and Region Venturer Commissioner. This prevents long time delays in gaining approvals and acceptances of proposals, signing off and so forth. With the recent changes to the Australian Postal deliveries, we are finding that snailmail generally now takes more than a week to meet its destination.

All Lones members are encouraged to maintain contacts with their local Region, Local Groups and Regional Activities. Whilst they may be a member of NSW Lones Group, they are still a member of their local District, Region and State. Should a member’s situation change where it becomes possible to re-join a regular Scout Group, they would be encouraged to do so.

Our Victorian members are welcomed and indeed encouraged to attend activities both in NSW and Victoria. South Coast Tablelands have embraced them as their own and this again shows us that if the parents are willing and the youth member has the drive and determination, our members can achieve all their targets and goals in almost any situation. Even though we only have about 10 to 15 Venturers at any given time, we do manage to average two Queen Scouts a year.

NSW Lone Scouts Group have an annual camp during the first week in September school holidays. Last year, 2015, it was held at Lynchwood Scout Camp near Tamworth from the 19th to 26th of September. Next year this camp will be held at Wyangala Dam near Cowra in The Golden West Region of NSW. In the past it has been held in the Riverina, Hunter & Coastal, The Golden West and the North West Regions. This camp serves many purposes and is open to all youth members, not just Lones. Where possible we run all the main Venturer Courses such as Leadership, Initiative, Youth Helper, Environment and Unit Management. Cubs and Scouts concentrate on running activities appropriate to the requirements of the Lones members needs.

There is a lot of information on our web page www.nswlones.net.au. It contains information on costs and charges, ages and sections, application forms and so forth, however, if there is anything else we can help you with, please do not hesitate to contact us by clicking here.