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What is the NSW Lone Scout Group

NSW Lones Scout Group was formed in 1915 in order to service the needs of youth where isolation, transportation, disabilities, parental work commitments and other factors prevented them from participating in normal Scout Group activities on a regular basis. As such, the NSW Lone Scout Group (often referred to as Lones) is a NSW Branch or State Resource. We exist to service the needs of youth across all the Scout Regions of NSW.

As a State Resource, it is common for us to pick up youth members whose families have moved to an area where a scout group does not exist allowing them to continue their scouting experiences. This is very common in the country areas of NSW and with the many servicemen, servicewomen and their families both within Australia and serving overseas. When they move back to an area where a scout group is active these Lones Members are encouraged to transfer to that Group. Thus, they get to experience both the self motivated and the Group promoted experiences.

The Scout Regions can call upon Lones to service the youth of a Group that is going through a transition period, or where there is a lack of Leaders for a particular section or waiting for Leaders to complete their training. A bit like being in a holding pattern where the youth can return to the Group as soon as the Group is ready. There is a set of strict criteria that each applicant must meet in order to join the NSW Lones Scout Group. Of course, it is expected that the youth member would join or re-join the regular Scout Group should their circumstances change.


Group Leader
Darren Smith, “Splash”
E-Mail: groupleader@nswlones.net.au

Joey Scout Leader
Sue Allen, “Bilby”
Mobile: 0421 104 074
E-Mail via: billbysue@hotmail.com

Cub Scout Leader
Karon Fuller
, “Akela Ikki”
Mobile: 0429 219 690
E-Mail: akelaikki@nswlones.net.au

Scout Leader
Michael Fuller
, “Spanner”
Mobile: 0447 567 014
E-Mail: spanner@nswlones.net.au

Venturer Scout Leader
Norm Cheeseman,
Mobile: 0409 324 066
E-Mail: hawkeye@nswlones.net.au

Rover Advisor
Trevor Nickl

Fellowship Chair Person
Jacinta Thatcher

Rover Crew Leader
Contact the Crew by E-mailing: rovers@lone.com.au

Murum Weeklong

Applications for the 2019 Murum Camp are now open, closing date for applications is the 4th of August. The Theme of this years camp is “Emergencies”. Venturer Courses being offered are:

  1. Initiative,

  2. Environment,

  3. Youth Helper

  4. Leadership

29th of September to the 5th of October 2019

Applications here

Camp Information here


What an amazing camp we are preparing for 2018.

The NSW Air Wing and the ACT Hot Air Balloon will be present for this years camp. 2018 information will start appearing here as it becomes available