Lone Rovers

Rovers is the last youth section of Scouting and in Australia it is for 18-25 year olds. A group of Rovers is a crew much like Joeys are a mob, Cubs a pack, Scouts is a troop, and Venturers are a unit. Many crews in Australia operate based on the Knights of the Round Table theme focusing on service within and outside the movement. The NSW Lone Rover Crew operates on this theme and as such as you progress through the crew you start out as a Recruit then a Squire and finally you become a Knight within the Crew. Much like other sections that have investiture ceremonies Crews who follow the knighthood theme have special ceremonies that are memorable for all involved if you are lucky enough to attend.

Rovers is a self-governing section which means that our leaders or advisors as we call them are only there simply to advise and ensure we don’t do anything we shouldn’t. We are also the only section that within reason can “hire and fire” their sections leaders from a crew level right through to the National Rover Advisor. It is the crew member’s responsibility to organise their own camps and complete badge work with the leaders/advisors and crew executive there to help and assist as needed.

Because Lones operate by correspondence we don’t get to meet face to face on a regular basis, because of this the crew has a monthly printed newsletter named Lone Rover. It is through this that all our recruit introductions, monthly updates, camp promotions, Badge work proposals and reports and news go out to our members. At camps with advanced notice we also try have at least 1 round table – business meeting a year in which we review the crew’s leadership and discuss any matters that need covering that cannot be covered by our newsletter.

When Rovers from multiple crews gather at a large camp this is called a Moot. A Moot can be a regional event all the way through to an international event as seen every 4 years with the World Rover Moot. The most recent being in Canada which saw 2 crew members attend as well as a fellowship member.

The award scheme for Australian Rovers is the Baden Powel Scout Award or BPSA. This has recently been reviewed and the new scheme is currently being phased in.

If you want to know more about the crew feel free to get in touch