The NSW Lone Scout Fellowship began in 2009.
It’s aims are: 
  • to develop self reliant, responsible citizens, by encouraging members in youth mentoring of the Scouting award System
  • to give general support to Scouting across all sections
  • to give general service to the public to the best of the Scout Fellowship’s ability 
  • to provide appealing activities for Scout Fellowship members for fun and fellowship 
  • to attract and retain adults as members of the scouting movement
  • to provide the facilities of Scout Fellowship to the people of the NSW Lone Scout group and its supporters.
We are open to ex-Rovers, Appointed and Trainee Leaders who are or have been a member of NSW Lone Scout Group, and men and women of the community who support the NSW Lone Scout Group. Members shall be at least 26 years of age. 
We keep in touch via Skype Meetings, face to face meetings at events and via our newsletter ‘The Oily Rag’. 
6. Our Fellowship executive are:
Jacinta Thatcher jacintathatcher@yahoo.com.au
Jade Elliott aussie_rover89@hotmail.com
Stephen Thatcher s_thatcher6@bigpond.com