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Camp 2015 applications now open. Camp will start Saturday the 19th & end on the 26th of September. Camp will be at Lynchwood Scout Camp near Tamworth, and is open to all members of the Scouting Movement. Places are strictly limited so please ensure you apply early to avoid disappointment.
Applications Now Closed to all sections. Some circumstances may exist where an exception will be granted upon your request to the Lone Scouts Section Leaders on our contact page – here

Group News

Announcement – The current Group Leader, John Thompson, has been approached, and finally accepted a transfer to the appointment of North West Region Commissioner, Adult Training and Development.

Announcement – Neil Bryan has accepted the position of Group Leader, NSW Lones. Neil has many years experience working in various Group positions, as well as District Commissioner and Lynchwood Camp Warden for the past 8 years. Neil (Blinky) has worked with the Lones Group over the past 2.5 years

Meeting of the Leaders
Most of the Lones Leaders attended a meeting at Wyangala Dam (near Cowra) on the first weekend of May. This was a huge commitment from our Leaders as not only do they need to take a full weekend out of their busy lives, but most will need to travel in excess of 6 hours in order to attend this meeting. Some will be camping, some will be caravaning while others will make use of the cabin facilities.

The meeting discussed all avenues of the Lones Group from Fees, Costs, Charges, Training, Direction, what works well, what needs changing, what else should we be doing, annual September camp, etc. It was a “no holes barred” type of meeting where we all had equal input and discussed all matters relating to the Group and the Youth Sections within the Group.

The one drawback of holding these meetings in rural areas has always been the lack of internet access – Wyangala Dam was to be no exception, however we did discover that the Optus network seems to work reasonably well. One of those strange situations where Optus works but Telstra does not. But Wyangala does have other attributes which we all made good use of. Unfortunately we were not able to fully demonstrate the new ScoutLink Software being used by State for the membership system due to the lack of Internet.

Further information and outcomes from this meeting available here