Circus Bottom

Camp 2015 applications (with a circus theme) on-line very soon. Watch this space.

Imagine doing Youth Helper, Leadership, Unit Management, Environment and Initiative courses all in one week. Below you will see what was achieved last year.

Next Years Weeklong Camp – 19th to the 26th of September, 2015
Lynchwood 2014 Camp

Campers – 92
Adults – 29
Venturers – 24
Scouts – 24
Cubs – 14
Joeys – 1

All Venturers completed the following requirements to have their proposals submitted to their various Unit Councils, and 5 completed their Senior 1st Aid:
Unit Management
Youth Helper
Venturer Skills

The Scouts completed the requirements for 667 components of their various awards.

The Cubs completed totalĀ  41 Achievement badges

2 Gold Boomerangs partly completed
6 Silver Boomerangs partly completed
3 Bronze Boomerangs partly completed

1 Gold Boomerang completed
1 Bronze Boomerang completed
Plus a Grey Wolf Hike completed

all Cubs completed activities towards Scouts in Action week ( bullying )

A NSW State Resource for all youth who cannot attend a regular Scout Group