NSW Lones continues to grow with new members from Victoria, ACT and Norway joining the ranks.
Next Years Weeklong Camp – 19th to the 26th of September, 2015
Lynchwood 2014 Camp

Campers – 92
Adults – 29
Venturers – 24
Scouts – 24
Cubs – 14
Joeys – 1

All Venturers completed the following requirements to have their proposals submitted to their various Unit Councils, and 5 completed their Senior 1st Aid:
Unit Management
Youth Helper
Venturer Skills

The Scouts completed the requirements for 667 components of their various awards.

The Cubs completed totalĀ  41 Achievement badges

2 Gold Boomerangs partly completed
6 Silver Boomerangs partly completed
3 Bronze Boomerangs partly completed

1 Gold Boomerang completed
1 Bronze Boomerang completed
Plus a Grey Wolf Hike completed

all Cubs completed activities towards Scouts in Action week ( bullying )