Our Joeys ANZAC Day in Myanmar

Murum Week Long Camp

Applications opened 12-4-2017
Applications Close on the 25th of August, 2017
Applications here
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Please note: Places on this camp are limited, mainly due to Leader to Youth ratios required by Scouts Australia, therefore applications must be accepted by “first in first accepted” basis.

Venturer Courses being offered are:
  • Venturer Skills – Mon & Tues
  • Leadership – Mon & Tues
  • Youth Helper – throughout the week
  • Environment – Tues night & Wed
  • Initiative – Thur & Fri

If you need the Venturer Skills course it would typically mean that you are not ready to do the Leadership course. Therefore the Leadership and Skills courses are being run concurrently.

Venturers may attend the camp to do one or more courses and then leave. If you need to do this, please contact John Thompson by email at and a cost for the duration of your stay will be calculated and forwarded back to you.