2014 “Close Encounters of the Lones Kind” Camp, 20-27th of September at Lynchwood, near Tamworth. Information on this camp is coming together quickly and applications will be open early May. So keep watching here.
NSW Lones Scout Group Newsletter here
Timor Caves Weekend 17th of May. Hosted by Narrabri West and Hunter & Coastal. Numbers are limited due to the type of activity and applications will be processed in the order they are received.
Timor Caves INFO here, and the A1 Application form here.

Ellery and Olivia spending some time relaxing at the South Coast Tablelands Wide Game Weekend. They had such a great time they cannot wait to go back next year.

Wide Game Weekend 1-Optimized Wide Game Weekend 2-OptimizedRachel, Mang and Grug went canoeing at Lake Keepit near Gunnedah. Rachel joined in with North West Cubs to do her canoeing course.

Rachel3-OptimizedRachel2-OptimizedRachel 1-Optimized

Scouts – Take a look at what is offering on the new look Patrol Tent web site. Over the next month or so the activities listed on this site will start to increase quickly and each one will be open to all Regions and Groups. The site is still under development, but don’t let that stop you from taking a peek.

Commonwealth Champion  Tabatha1-OptimizedTabatha Orr, NSW Lone Scout

with her new Commonwealth

Championship Traditional

Martial Arts Trophy

Congratulations, we are all very proud of you